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Atlanta School Dance Photo Booth Rental

Atlanta School Dance Photo Booth Rental

If you want to catch the time of your life or get awkward prom pose on film, we’ll be there. We have served as the premiere Atlanta photo booth rental company for grade school dances, homecomings, or school fundraiser. The chance to take a trip down memory lane makes it rewarding to us.

When we are younger, growing up can be tough. You can't wait to be an adult. Once you are wiser though, those youthful, stress free days are something we yearn for later on in adulthood. We all remember those hallmark moments that went hand in hand with the act of asking a crush to to prom for the first time. Your knees were weak as you worked up the gumption to stop being a wallflower and go ask your first love to slow dance with you on the dance floor. You wondered if they agree and make your young wish become a reality. If they were to say yes, though, how could you capture that moment for eternity? You could revisit it anytime you wanted to take a trip down memory lane or perhaps just maybe to reflect on when you first met each other.

Atlanta Graduation Photo Booth Rental

As we look back on class rings, first cars, and pep rallies we are reminded of those memories that make us what we are now. Although those moments will be etched in the recesses of our mind, the pictures bring us back to the reality of who we were and where we come from. We’ve learned a lot since those days, and the fear of getting a pimple isn't our biggest worry anymore. Nonetheless, those moments are priceless and it is fun when we can look back upon them. Where we caught most of those memories in the temporary album within our mind, with CityX photo booth you can be guaranteed those memories will be here to stay and share time and time again.

We weren’t the most popular kids in school, but we did know how to have fun. CityX Photo Booth takes your wildest nights and preserves them forever on film. With CityX Photo Booth you will find that we are here to make your fantastic event even more special. We plan around your specific wants, and we want to make sure that we not only meet your standards but exceed them. We look forward to making this happen for your school, sorority, or fraternity.

When you or someone you know are planning event, give us a call at 844-717-4686 to learn more about Atlanta Photobooth's offerings in your area.

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